It was in Las Vegas where Schroeder met the Erb brothers … Bill and Jeff … Bay Area natives. They were so impressed with his barbeque and the business opportunity, that they began planning a California Back Forty. After training extensively with Schroeder they founded the original California BACK FORTY in Pleasant Hill in December 1978. In 1985 Jeff bought his brother’s interest and set out to refine the menu and catering facilities.

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We offer you a variety of categories of dishes that you can order from us!

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Experience the full spectrum of our culinary artistry with our All Products category. From savory to sweet, we've curated a diverse selection that encapsulates the essence of our BBQ haven, ensuring a feast for all your senses.

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Start your meal off right with our mouthwatering appetizers. Indulge in a symphony of flavors that will awaken your taste buds and set the perfect tone for your dining experience.

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Rediscover the joy of wholesome indulgence with our handcrafted salads. A fusion of crispness and taste awaits, inviting you to embrace the beauty of balanced flavors.

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Immerse yourself in a world of sandwich excellence. From classic favorites to innovative combinations, our sandwiches are a testament to culinary ingenuity and your ultimate satisfaction.

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Savor the juiciest, most flavorful burgers in town. Bite into a masterpiece of perfectly grilled perfection, and experience burger bliss like never before.

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Enhance your plate with our delectable selection of sides. Crafted with care, these fresh and flavorful options are the ideal companions to your main course.

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Dive into a world of delightful snacking with our small grub selections. Each bite is a burst of flavor that lets you explore a variety of tastes, ensuring your cravings are met with culinary perfection.

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Experience the art of meat mastery with our ribs and chicken selections. Each dish is a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence, inviting you to enjoy a medley of savory delights.

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Grilled dishes are known for their juiciest taste and unmatched aroma. Celebrate the grand feast of flavor by savoring perfectly grilled masterpieces, and experience genuine delight from the culinary gems that will amaze you.

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Explore a world of BBQ wonder with our diverse selection. From tender meats to smoky delights, our BBQ offerings take you on a mouthwatering journey of smoldering flavors.

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Delight in the epitome of beef perfection. Our prime rib is a culinary masterpiece, meticulously cooked to succulent tenderness, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

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Indulge your sweet tooth with our heavenly desserts. Treat yourself to a symphony of rich flavors and textures that will satisfy even the most discerning dessert connoisseur.

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Share the joy of exceptional dining with our gift cards. Give the gift of exquisite flavors and unforgettable experiences to your loved ones, and let them indulge in culinary delight.

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Samantha Heredia

This place is a hidden gem. When we arrived we were the only people there. The staff was very attentive. Their mixed drinks are wine-based. I had the prime rib... Excelente!! Definitely going back.


Steven Freitas

The place was busy, and parking was a challenge. People were picking up orders, so you followed them when they left to get a spot. A table was ready at the reserved time, and the service was good. The food was great and worth the effort and price.


Darryl B.

I visited the Back 40 in Roseville tonight for the second time. Both were Birthday celebrations for family and friends! Wow! I again was totally impressed with the EXCELLENT service, DELICIOUS food and surprisingly GREAT prices! If you have not tried this place yet, then you had better plan your next dinner date, family night out or group celebration here! You will not be disappointed! Thank you to the servers and cooks! I can't wait for an occasion to return to Back 40 BBQ in Roseville.


Juan J.Elite

Tasty. Rustic, Western feel. The outside decor makes you feel like you're walking through the gold rush days Once inside it's like a modern saloon or something playing great country music. The smell of smoked meat priming your taste buds from the parking lot, it's hard to decide between brisket, ribs, steaks, burgers and other things. I went with the Texas dip and wife had the pulled pork sandwich. I can't decide which was better. Both were delicious This was my first time here. I've been missing out.


Darrel O.

Love this place. I normally just order the pork ribs and take them home, but I'm getting married in a couple of months and my fiance wanted to try them out to consider using them to cater for us. They catered for another wedding she went to and said they were good there, so we went in for a tasting session and loved almost everything. The items we really liked: the biscuits, the cornbread, the pork ribs, the brisket, the chicken, the baked beans, the caesar salad, the corn, the fried pickles, the garlic mashed potatoes, the cole slaw, and the peach cobbler. The only thing we didn't like was the mac and cheese. Just not a good texture on that one as the pasta seemed overcooked. No big deal because everything else was great, including the service. We're going to use them to cater our wedding. :-)


Swagger n.

Wow! Well my bad Back Forty! I'd trusted Yelp too much, saw too many reviews...But what do the people around here know about BBQ? Was looking for some Beef Ribs, don't find those much anymore. I'd been hitting up Lucille's for awhile. Lucille's prices have become a joke. Looked around, Back Forty has Beef ribs? For a better price?...how good could they be? Damn good it turns out! Thanks Back Forty for a great meal, gonna need to do that again real soon!


Marisela M.

Wow we had amazing service not to mention the food so good I had the brisket sliced with coleslaw that had granny Apple in it and of course sweet potato fries amazing. My husband ordered the chicken and ribs with baked beans and Mac n cheese. And they both came with either banana bread or cornbread deliciousthe whole experience was so Pleasant!!!! I cant wait to come back!!! i recommend both these meals